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R & D Services

As a unit of Natural Remedies Private Limited (a pioneer of the herbal animal health care industry in India), we provide extensive R&D operational services by offering a convenient route to assessing the activity of Pure Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Phytocompounds, Other synthetic/non synthetic compounds etc. before they undergo human clinical trials, proceed to become drugs or are used in drug/supplement formulations.

Natural Remedies Private Limited with its history of producing some of the major market share capturing supplements in the animal and human herbal healthcare market is a definition of Bio-OPT™ itself as most of the study models are a result of the research conducted by Bio-OPT™.

Health supplements that have passed through the Bio-OPT™ Sphere:

In conducting research and development, our major goal is to provide newly developed models to help support drug/supplement developmental studies thereby equipping organizations with more relevant preclinical data. If you would like to explore participating in a validation study or a custom development, please contact us.


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