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Bio-OPT™ (Preclinical Solutions) a leading research-based unit of Natural Remedies Private Limited with a diverse combination of skills, resources, and capabilities, is at the forefront of Preclinical Research Innovation which is driven by our commitment and passion towards science and technology. Our innovative approach incorporates the best of research and cutting edge technology a consistent line of contractual research services.Catering to both the Animal Health Care Product as well as the Human Health Care Product divisions of Natural Remedies Private Limited, the Bio-OPT™ center for advanced preclinical research provides a platform for upcoming drug discovery ,pharmaceutical organizations, herbal healthcare producers, etc. to test their developing innovative products safe and effective. The Bio-OPT™ R&D Centre is slated with the state-of-the-art facility to ensure and maintain the world class standards of health and safety.

Inception from Natural Remedies Private Limited.

In the forefront of herbal veterinary care in India (currently No. 1 in India), Natural Remedies Private Limited has well established its image as a leader in providing Herbal Supplements and extracts for both Animal and Human Health since the last 25 years. The extensive research and development is majorly the strong hold points that have contributed to its current state and this is where the idea of Bio-OPT™ arose. After a thorough compilation of all its in house capabilities developed, Natural Remedies Private Limited decided to focus on forming a launch platform for its entire R&D core unit in offering these services privately to Government Institutions, Universities, Other Non-Profit making organizations etc. Bio-OPT™ was thus collectively formed (a combination of all the R&D units at Natural Remedies) and laser focused to cater to the expectations of its clients both national and International.


Bio-OPT™’s unique flavor

While most CRO’s regularise research projects in a give and take approach, Bio-OPT™’s unique flavor lies in its effectiveness to analyze the research objectives/requirements of the client to provide the very best of robust solutions with the necessary technical support at all intervals of the query i.e. through the subsequent interactions of the sponsor and baseline scientist. This route taken is also built upon a wide range of client feedback that we normally acquire to increase the many ways of end user satisfaction.

Bio-OPT™ has also devised a cost friendly approach of framing up its research policy that is based upon the number of test samples and competitive enough to justify every step in break-up points where required. Catering to the research industry (students, institutions etc.) and the largest of Pharmaceutical firms, Bio-OPT™ provides an all-round solution to every preclinical need.


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